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Leasing a horse is an ideal opportunity to improve your riding skills while looking for the perfect horse. Our leasing program provides you with the chance to attend riding lessons and, in addition to the riding lessons, visit the farm to enjoy leisurely rides on three other occasions throughout the week. Leasing also allows you to ensure that your child is truly interested in owning and caring for a horse of their own without the investment. 


When leasing your horse, you will want to schedule times to ride. We have a "white board" in the barn so you can schedule your riding times. By scheduling your horse, you will ensure that no other rider shows up at your scheduled time. We will make every effort not to use your leased horse on the days you plan to visit however sometimes this is unavoidable. If we must use your leased horse on a day when you plan to ride, we will provide another horse for you. It is a good idea for you ride other horses at the farm during your lease period. This will broaden your knowledge of horses and make you a better rider. 


When you visit the farm to ride your leased horse you may ride for 1 hour with breaks. You should try to spend more than two hours at the farm. You are leasing this horse but it is teaching you how to take care of your own horse. Plan time for grooming, pulling mane, cleaning tack, and bathing the horse. Remember, you can stay all day but you cannot ride the horse all day. 


During the summer and during horse-shows your leased horse may not be available. We will always provide a horse for you to ride if your leased horse is not available. If you are at a horse show, you will be able to ride your leased horse in the show but please remember that others might be riding your horse as well. 


Missed Lease Days

If for some reason you miss a day during your lease period, you will have the option of making up that missed day. Saturdays are good days to make up leased days. 



Instead of being stuck inside at home or in daycare after school, spend your time here at the farm through our leasing and/or lesson program. This allows children to get outside and be away from TV and video games! The fresh air and animals are a great getaway from the stresses of school. The cost of leasing a horse is $305.00 per month in addition to your weekly lesson. If you choose to lease a horse, you must commit to a 6-month lease and you will be billed monthly. NOTE: Only people who lease or own can go to shows with Silver Lining Farm. If you would like more information, please call us.


Silver Lining Farm provides boarding for your horse. You can choose to have your horse on pasture board or in a stall in our main barn. Both options include full care for your horse. Please call us for more information regarding your specific needs and any questions on availability 251-533-8797.


We offer overnight stays for traveling horses including onsite bunkroom. Please contact us for more details (251-533-8797). MUST have current coggins and completed overnight boarding contract as well as a deposit before arrival.


We offer 24 hour care for animals needing medication or treatments. If you have a horse that needs special medical care and you do not have the time or facilities, please contact us for more information at 251-533-8797.

Requirements (before arrival)

  • Current coggins

  • Vaccination records

  • Completed overnight boarding contract

  • Deposit





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